My first World Champion!!


In coaching every real chess coach wants to train a special student capable of achieving the greatest achievement in chess other than reaching Grandmaster strength. World Champion is one of the highest honors any chess player or coach could ever wish for. Rochelle Wu 2016 Cadets World Champion has done just that. I taught Rochelle how to play chess. Using my winning methods she quickly grasped every thing I could throw at her. She was a sponge and seldom made the wrong move. I was impressed with her play and told her father I thought she might be a chess prodigy.  He dismissed this wanting his son whom I was also teaching at the time to be the champion. He had plenty of talent but wanted to learn openings I was not willing to teach a beginner. I taught Rochelle because she was sitting there watching and for me it is very easy to teach two lessons at the same time. It took her no time to catch on and impress me with her growth. She also impressed the United States Chess Federation. She was the top girl her age in the country. However the number two student was also my student and Rochelle beat her out by just a few points. So Rochelle got the opportunity to play for the U.S. Chess team and that gave her access to some really high rated Grand Masters and Coaches that have resulted in her winning the World Cadets Championships in Russia with the guidance of those fantastic coaches. I am proud to have taught her my system that I believe helped propell her to her present level. Unless you have good roots chess progress is slow. Her learning is now way ahead of where we left off but I knew she was special and she went on to show her father and the world just who she is. I remember when she used to follow me all over the tournament after she played. And giggling ever time I looked at her. It was a wonderful experience for me, one I will never forget. She was about 7 months younger than in this pic. This pic was back in 2012 when only I taught her. Congratulations Rochelle Wu and I hope you go one to  reach every level you aspire to reach as a Chess player and World Champion. I as a coach can get no higher accolade you have done that for me. Thank you!!