Chess Expert Charles A. Smith explains the method he invented to help students rapidly learn the game of chess:

"Rapid Comprehension Thru Effective Teaching (RCTET) is the method I have invented. Having the ability to remember how chess occurred to me I have invented a new way to learn the game. This is especially important for today's 21st century students. The old method of teaching chess has lost multitudes of students who found learning to play the game way too cumbersome. Information overload and the time it takes to learn to be proficient can be big draw backs for learning. My new way streamlines the learning curve; allowing any student to rapidly grasp the essentials of the Royal Game.

Time and again, RCTET has been proven to work. Using my method, results have been achieved by my students who went from absolute beginners to State and National Champions! The facts are in- this method wins! Most of the beginner books written go from how the pieces move to strategy and checkmate. Those approaches leave a tremendous hole that I have filled with pertinent information that bridges the gap of understanding allowing the student to then grasp much more intricate and sophisticated strategies. To do this is to play and love chess on a level where the student can compete, enjoy the game and win using a solid proven method. If you ever wanted to learn chess or improve your game this is the method for you!!"