Chess On!

I am using My method of teaching the game to win new chess players over to the game. It is my belief that the way chess is introduced to the new player must be different now. The game already being complex is hard to like (unless your one of us) using the rules and strategies found in the box of most chess sets. This makes the game seem boring and complicated to learn. I propose that the instructions I have presented here in my blog should be the new way the world starts to learn the game of chess. It is fun. People who have had many misconceptions about the game are changed.To play any game (teachers of chess) one must have fun! One should be able to win. Well chess is a lot more complicated after all it still has not been solved even by our best computers. So instead of overwhelming the student with information over load my method is both fun and easy to learn.

All the people whom might like the game don't even give it a try because of the old way and this old debate. Which should be taught the endgame or the opening. Back when people had less to do and entertain themselves with a good chess book to read would be perfect for a young idle person. That was then. Now people are different so the way they learn is also different. Now people want to enjoy it now. They don't want to learn how to play a game and get some joy after they have struggled to understand a concept that takes time. My way allows the student to enjoy the game and play end game type positions that begin the process to learn chess and the complexities of the end game. Without even realizing it the new student is building a web of patterns that he will access later when he improves and needs to speculate on a particular move. This is the new way to spread chess to many who did not think they would even like the game.

I have seen this system work time and time again. Stop losing half of the class and teach a modern style before the game dies. Chess On!!